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SerReg is a small home controller intended to turn your personal computer (PC) into a process control/data collection system. With the appropriate sensors SerReg can monitor physical variables such as pressure, temperature, light intensity, weight, movement etc, process the information and then use the result to control up to three physical devices such as motors, heaters, sirens, lights or other appliances around the home, office, laboratory or factory . You can program your appliances to operate automatically in conjunction with your weekly and daily schedule, manualy turn them on/off from your PC or use SerReg as a process ON/OFF controller to regulate some kind of physical variable (process variable - PV) to the desired value (setpoint - SP).

Brief Description:

redbullet Three identical channels
redbullet Every channel can be configured to work in several operating modes
redbullet Each channel includes :
bluebullet An output relay
bluebullet An analog to digital converter
bluebullet LEDs status info
bluebullet Front panel buttons to duplicate the most important control function
redbullet RS232 ( 2400 bps ) interface to a personal computer
redbullet Built-in real time clock - minutes, hours, days
redbullet Backup battery
redbullet Interface application available for Windows 9x / ME / NT / 2000 / XP
redbullet Analog Configuration Tool utility available for Windows 9x / ME / NT / 2000 / XP

SerReg is fully configured and controlled from any Windows 9x , ME , NT , 2000 or XP PC via RS-232 serial port using an interface application. Also the interface application allows to display and change the state of the output relays and observe the current value of each analog input. After configuring the PC can be disconnected from the controller without affecting the state of the relays. In case of power failure, the controller goes to sleep mode with low consumption ( 83.10-06A ) and the real time clock continues working. The backup battery then maintains data and operates the clock. In this way, the device can be used at unstable power supply conditions.The controller is based on PIC 16F873A of Microchip Technology Inc.

Operating modes:

redbullet Manual mode : the output relay is turned on/off from a front panel button or from a PC
redbullet Automatic mode :
bluebullet Time Scheduler - the output relay is turned on within previously configured time intervals. Up to 7 time intervals per day or per week can be scheduled.
bluebullet Stationary SP Regulator - the controller regulates the cutrrent analog value in accordance with a previously configured analog setpoint ( ON / OFF controller ).
bluebullet Non-Stationary SP Regulator - both of the above, the controller regulates the cutrrent analog value within previously configured time intervals. The analog setpoint may be different for each time interval. Also up to 7 time intervals per day or per week can be scheduled.

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